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Future Ed-Pt1

Submitted by Clark Cunningham on Mon, 04/12/2010 - 11:11
Conference location
New York Law School, New York City
United States
Sponsor organization(s) or institution(s)
Center for Professional Values, New York Law School
Institute for Information Law and Policy, New York Law School
Program on the Legal Profession, Harvard Law School
Sponsor(s)' contact information

Conference Description
New York Law School and Harvard Law School are hosting a year-long contest of ideas about legal education. The goal is to come up with operational alternatives to the traditional law school business model and to identify concrete steps for the implementation of new designs. The kickoff event was a two-day conference for educators, employers, and regulators at New York Law School on April 9-10, 2010, to identify problems, innovations and constraints, and to organize working groups to develop designs and strategies for implementation. Working groups will refine their ideas and reconvene for a second meeting at Harvard Law School on October 15-16, 2010. Final designs will be presented, with commentary, at New York Law School in April, 2011
LINKS TO WEBCASTS OF THE CONFERENCE: {Session titles and speakers for Friday have been added to the following information sent out on 4/19/10 by Elizabeth Chambliss.}
>>> "Chambliss, Elizabeth " 4/19/2010 6:20 AM >>>
Dear All,
Thanks for participating in the Future Ed conference! We were delighted by all the energy in the room and on the web, where 40-plus people watched the webcast. (See catalogue and links below.)
We are working on updating the blog to include notes and participants from the Saturday breakout sessions.
Elizabeth Chambliss and Dan Hunter
Listed below are all of the links for the Future Ed Conference. As requested day 1 has been edited and split into 5 different sections. I have also included a link to the Future Ed catalog which is a page that contains all of the video links for easy access.
Future Ed Conference Catalog (this link is a page that contains all of the Future Ed video links in 1 for easy access):
Future Ed Conference - Opening Remarks: Dean Richard Matasar
Future Ed Conference - Panel 1: "Apocalypse Now? The Future of U.S. Legal Education." Paul Lippe, Legal OnRamp; Bill Henderson, Indiana Law; Paul Beach, United Technologies
Future Ed Conference - Panel 2: "TopThree Problems with the Current Model." Anthony Kearns (Moderator), Legal Practitioners Liability Committee (Australia); Vielka Holness, John Jay College; Heather Bock, Howrey LLP; Gillian Hadfield, USC Law; Joseph Altonji, Hildebrandt Baker Robbins
Future Ed Conference - Panel 3: "Possible Alternative Models." Milton Regan (Moderator), Georgetown Law; Dean Lisa Kloppenburg, Dayton Law; Dean Barry Currier, Concord Law; Dean Robert Danforth, Washington & Lee Law; James Faulconbridge, Lancaster University (UK)
Future Ed Conference - Panel 4: "New Markets for the U.S. Model." Laurel Terry (Moderator), Penn State Law; Dean James Hathaway, Melbourne Law (Aus); Dean Stephen Yandle, Peking Univ
School of Transnational Law (China); Carole Silver, Georgetown Law
Future Ed Conference - Day 2 (Morning Session):
Future Ed Conference - Day 2 (Afternoon Session):
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