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Submitted by Clark Cunningham on Wed, 07-18-2018
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International Bar Association Annual Conference 2018
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International Bar Association
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The 2018 IBA Annual Conference in Rome featured over 200 conference sessions. These varied widely in style and, with the core substantive committee sessions at the heart of the conference programme covering most sectors and practice areas, the conference provided the opportunity to focus on your own areas of interest. There were sessions on a wide range of topics, such as the challenges of law firm management and international relationships, ethics, the future of the legal profession, and the rule of law and human rights. Participants heard from some of the leading thinkers in law today through a series of Showcase sessions highlighting the role the legal profession plays in society. The conference provided everything from the opportunity to learn from the world’s leading practitioners, to being part of the debate on the future of the law.

Complete program attached in pdf format.

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