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Learning How To Be A Lawyer

Submitted by Clark Cunningham on Wed, 04-28-2010
Cunningham, Clark D.
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Conference title
Profession and Academy: How Are They Addressing Major Changes in Law Practice?
Conference location
University of Maryland School of Law
United States
1. Changes in the current practice of law
a. Bill Henderson on the demise of the “Cravath Model”
b. Paul Beach, Associate General Counsel, United Technologies
Session 1: 35:30 - 52:00 minutes
40:00 – We are trying really hard to kill the billable hour
41:50 – We are trying to destroy the large pyramidal law firm structure
49:00 – We are one of those firms who does not allow 1st or 2nd year associates to work on our matters without special permission, because they’re worthless
c. Rapid growth in solo practice:
Report of the ABA Commission on the Impact of the Economic Crisis on the Profession and Legal Needs
2. Post-degree education for practice
a. Other common-law jurisdictions
England and Wales
c. National Institute for Trial Advocacy
d. CUNY Law School programs to support solo and small firm practitioners
e. Signet Accreditation Program for Lawyers in Scotland
3. Law school courses that prepare for practice
a. Fundamentals of Law Practice at Georgia State: Charlotte Alexander article
b. Washington & Lee Third Year (pp 22-26)
c. First year programs at Indiana, Minnesota, Mercer (pp 19- 22)
d. Performance-Based Approach to Licensing Lawyers:
The New Hampshire “Two-Year Bar Examination”
Other Topics