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Scotland PEAT

Submitted by Clark Cunningham on Tue, 04-27-2010
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Becoming a Solicitor in Scotland - Professional Education and Training Requirements
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Law Society of Scotland
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United Kingdom
Scotland has recently adopted new regulations for legal education and training, called "PEAT" (Professional Education And Training) that will go into effect beginning 2011. PEAT1 applies to a required year of professional education that typically follows an undergraduate degree in law. PEAT2 applies to a two-year period of on-the-job training that follows successful completion of PEAT1. The year of professional education is intended to "facilitate the development of skills and the integration of these with legal knowledge and ethical behavior" and includes among its "core outcomes" both Professionalism and Professional Ethics and Standards. Scotland specifically requires that professionalism be assessed "with such assessment being valid, fair and reliable."
The first attachment consists of excerpts from the PEAT Accreditation Standards relating to professionalism and ethics and includes specific outcomes and methods of assessment.
The second attachment is the entire PEAT Accreditation Standards: 133 pages of which pages 20 - 133 are appendices.
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