Story Exchange Exercise

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Long title: 
University of Minnesota Law School’s Practice and Professionalism Course: Story Exchange Exercise
Teaching material type: 
Class exercise
Teaching demonstration
Teacher(s)/ Author(s): 
Cook, Nancy
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Nancy Cook is the director of the Lawyering Program at the University of Minnesota Law School.

At the 2009 Workshop of the National Institute for Teaching Ethics & Professionalism (, as part of a series designed to illicit the impressions law students have of what it means to be a lawyer, Nancy Cook demonstrated an exercise currently used in the University of Minnesota's Practice and Professionalism course for first year law students. Participants were divided into teams of two--interviewer and interviewee. Each team was provided with a story which the interviewee told the interviewer based on the questions asked by the interviewer.
The exercise is designed to illicit the images of lawyers students bring into the class room and provide insight into how to enable students build on these images throughout their law school careers.

The first URL takes you to the full program of that workshop. The second URL links to the Quicktime webcast of Nancy Cook's demonstration.