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Transforming Legal Education

Submitted by Paul Maharg on Fri, 07-09-2010
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Transforming Legal Education: Learning and Teaching the Law in the Early Twenty-First Century
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Maharg, Paul
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Ashgate Publishing
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United Kingdom
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Misspelling, <low-bono>? Also, confusing input order. Eg in interface design, always put the command text ABOVE the input dialogue box, cos people don't look below it. Eg I put in my name, then discovered you wanted surname first.

<Author(s)' contact information>is unnecessarily complicated -- just <Author contact details>? Also, the two boxes below had me fooled. Why two? What was I supposed to put in them? Then I read <If you are the author(s) and wish to make your contact information available to the public, you may provide it here.> Does <here> refer to the second box?

In a couple of boxes there are scroll bars that don't operate, eg on countries (incidentally, why so few listed?).

Re holding down Ctrl -- I use a Mac, so it's not Ctrl but Cmd.
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