Virtue Ethics Lecture and CLE

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Virtue Ethics, Earnestness and the Deciding Lawyer: Human Flourishing in a Legal Community
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Other teaching material
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McGinniss, Michael S.
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University of North Dakota School of Law Assistant Professor 215 Centennial Drive, Stop 9003 Grand Forks, ND 58202-9003 PH: (701) 777-0588 E-mail:

These CLE teaching materials are derived from my presentation of the 2011 Mart Vogel Lecture on Professionalism and Legal Ethics at the 112th Annual Meeting of the State Bar Association of North Dakota. The Lecture explored philosophical concepts of “virtue ethics” (derived from Aristotle) and “earnestness” (from Kierkegaard), in application to the life and actions of a lawyer deciding what to do when faced with ethically and morally challenging circumstances in the practice of law. The materials include (1) a written outline with selected reference materials, (2) PowerPoint slides, and (3) hypothetical fact patterns with discussion questions. My article based on the Lecture will be published later this year in the North Dakota Law Review.

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