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HLRS-Affordable Legal Services

Submitted by Misha Cohen on Sat, 03-01-2014
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Houston Volunteer Lawyers Program
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United States District and Bankruptcy Courts: Southern District of Texas
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Applicant may be able to qualify for an attorney who will take his/her case at a reduced rate through the Houston Lawyers Referral Service ("HLRS"). For more information on this program, call 713/237-9429. If applicant needs subsidized legal assistance, he/she should try HLRS first- this is applicant's best chance of finding help quickly.
If applicant is unemployed, or otherwise does not qualify for a reduced rate attorney, he/she may seek assistance from a volunteer attorney who will provide free legal help as a public service. To qualify for free legal assistance, applicant must fall within strict verifiable income guidelines. These services will try to find an attorney willing to take applicant's case for free. These services are available whether applicant is a debtor or a creditor.
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