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Ethics and the Firm meeting

Submitted by Caroline Gibby on Sat, 03-12-2016
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Ethics and the Firm meeting : Using the firm meeting as an opportunity to engage students in ethics and professional conduct dilemma
Caroline Gibby
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Teaching Legal Ethics
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The study of ethics within legal education is one which is encouraged but in a busy and messy curriculum it is often hard to allocate time and space to pursue meaningful engagement with it . In using the firm meeting, found in live client work , there is an opportunity to provide students with a broader understanding of ethics and professional conduct. In carefully and appropriately using the firm meeting for learning purposes , students are able to use the community of practice - the firm - as a way to assimilate professional conduct and ethical practices. In this presentation I demonstrated activities which would provide the students with the opportunity to exploring codes and ethical positions and to think critically about their own views and values as well as those of their colleagues. This uses an authentic legal environment rather than the traditional group work within a simulated client experience , which means that students are able to see and practice law and ethics in context.

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