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Model Ethics Curriculum

Submitted by Nigel Duncan on Tue, 01-13-2015
Long title
Legal Ethics at the Initial Stage: A Model Curriculum
Author(s) or Editor(s)
Boon, Andrew
Author(s)' contact information
Professor Andrew Boon,
The City Law School,
City University London,
4 Gray’s Inn Place,
London WC1R 5DX.
Legal Ethics at the Initial Stage: A Model Curriculum
United Kingdom
In March 2009, the Law Society published Preparatory Ethics Training for Future Solicitors, a report by Kim Economides and Justine Rogers on the place of ethics in the legal education and training system of England and Wales. The Report recommended that the Law Society "take the lead and encourage the SRA to… make awareness of and commitment to legal values, and the moral context of the law, mandatory in undergraduate law degrees." It was advised that general, flexible guidance and 'outcomes' should be developed. The Report also recommended that "the professional bodies should together consider what support might be offered to law schools to assist them to comply with this flexible guidance".
The Law Society‘s Education and Training Committee endorsed the recommendations. It sought guidance on a number of issues:
A definition of ethics, in the context of the Qualifying Law Degree;
A model ethics syllabus, including learning outcomes, for the Qualifying Law Degree;
An analysis of the most effective way of teaching ethics, discretely or pervasively;
A consideration of the resource implications for law schools, and proposals for how the Law Society may be able to assist in overcoming these issues.
It is requested that this guidance be provided recognising possible barriers and objections to the introduction of a compulsory ethics component.
This report provides the Law Society of England and Wales with this guidance.
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